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The Sandhills Area Foundation (SAF) is a public charity, whose mission is to enhance the quality of life in Cherry County.  Our steady growth is driven by the generosity of our donors and members and our belief that together we can make a lasting impact on the lives of the people who live and work in Cherry County. 

SAF relies heavily on memberships, donations and the annual fundraiser to meet the needs of Cherry County. Please join us and take pride in knowing that you are part of improving the quality of life in Cherry County. 

Together we are making a difference! 
2021 Grant Recipients

$4000--Valentine Community Schools for protective gym floor covering  


$41,185 in 2020

$400,000 since 1998


Gregg Perrett, President

Kim Marlatt, Vice-President

Katie O'Kief, Secretary

Sheila Wheeler, Treasurer

Talia Benson

Steve Brown

Chris Douglas

Mark Johnson

Duane Kime

Steve Koinzan

Rob Lee

Monty Neiffer

Kimberly Johnson,

Executive Director


110 students applied

Winners will be

announced in May.








45 scholarships awarded

$69,500 in 2020

$667,000 since 1998

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