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Welcome to the Sandhills Area Foundation

The Sandhills Area Foundation (SAF) is a public charity with a mission to invest in the Sandhills of Cherry County for generations to prosper. The Foundation's focus is to support education, encourage growth and sustain generosity.

Your contribution is vital to our mission and supports the work we do on behalf of students and nonprofits in Cherry County.  Together we are creating  brighter futures for our communities.

The staff and board recently completed a strategic planning process and are making changes to be even better stewards. Please watch for new and exciting programs and events. 

Together we are creating brighter futures for our communities! 
2023 Grant Recipients

$500 Valentine Rotary

$1,500 Citizenship for Washington Focus

$500 Valentine Community Schools Mental Health Team

$1,900 UNL Extension Sandhills Leadership Program

$2,800 Mullen Ambulance

$2,800 Thedford EMS

$41,185 in 2020

$10,000 in 2021

$35,486 in 2022

$10,000 in 2023

$504,981 since 1998


Kim Marlatt, President

Rob Lee, Vice-President

Katie O'Kief, Secretary

Chris Douglas, Treasurer

Morgan Arnold

Kirk Barnes

Talia Benson

Steve Brown

Kylee Hesseltine

Monty Neiffer

Gregg Perrett


Carolyn Moore,

Executive Director



Awarded $35,500 in scholarships in 2023

$69,500 in 2020

$116,000 in 2021

$113,5000 in 2022

$932,000 since 1998

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