The Sandhills Area Foundation welcomes applications for projects that enhance the long-term success and quality of life in Cherry County.



1.  Only organizations in Cherry County, NE are eligible.

2.  SAF doesn't make grants to individuals, for religious or political purposes or to organizations that operate for profit.

3.  Proposals from organizations demonstrating broad community support will be given priority consideration.

4.  All grant applications are subject to a SAF grant committee review and will be awarded on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis.

5.  Funded organizations purchasing items or services must do so in Cherry County, if practical.

6.  If request is granted, SAF may require a final report, copies of bids and/or receipts relevant to the project before monies are disbursed.

7.  Funded organizations are required to display a certificate, provided by SAF, at the site of the project showing SAF support and are required to be available for media coverage and check presentation.

8.  Inquiries about the grant application process and completed grant applications may be emailed to

Applications may be submitted at any time during the year. 

Grant Application

To apply for a grant, click on the link and download the application to your computer. Complete the application, print, sign and return the form to the foundation.

E-Mail Completed Forms to

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