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2023 Grant Recipients

2023 Grant Recipients include the Valentine Rotary, CWF, VCS Mental Health Team, Cherry County 4H Foundation Leadership Program, Mullen Ambulance and the Thedford Volunteer Rescue Squad


SAF has one grant cycle per year, and the application deadline is September 30, 2024. The grant committee will evaluate each application and award funds in December.



1.  Only organizations in Cherry County, NE are eligible.

2.  Grants will not be awarded to individuals, for religious or political purposes or to organizations that operate for profit.

3.  SAF prefers to partially fund projects rather than be the the sole source of funding.


4.  Nonprofit organizations that support youth programs and demonstrate broad community support will be given priority consideration

5.  All grant applications will be reviewed by the Grant Committee and will be awarded on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis.

6.  Grant recipients are encouraged to purchase goods and services in Cherry County, if practical.

7.  Grant recipients are required to provide a final report indicating disposition of funds and status of project within one year following the payment of grant

8.  Grant recipients are required to display signage, at the site of the project, recognizing SAF support.


9.  Grant recipients must be available for media coverage and check presentation.

10. SAF intends to periodically visit, request information or monitor a project.

11.  Inquiries about the grant application process and completed grant applications must be emailed to

Grant Application

To apply for a grant, click on the link and download the application to your computer. Complete the application, print, sign and return the form to the foundation.

Email Completed Forms to

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