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Members List

Membership Donation Levels
Lifetime $2,000        Bronze    $5,000      Silver       $10,000
Gold     $25,000      Diamond  $50,000      Platinum $100,000
Platinum Members
Cleo Bloom, Jr
Frank & Shirley Sibert
Gold Members
Gerald and Norma Jean Keech, Jennifer,
Emma and Brandon,
in memory of Brian Lee Keech

Cork and Mary Young
Diamond Members
Robert P and Janice F Bass
Silver Members
Dr. James and Karen Butler

Dr. Thomas L. Green

Dave and Kate Major
Bronze Members
Robert W. and Joanne Campbell
in memory of Gretchen Keplinger Tetherow

L and B Johnson, PC
Lifetime Members

Jerry and Delores Adamson

Dennis Bammerlin

Bank of the West

Bill and Suzy Beel

David and Sue Bogard
 - in memory of Clinton Hooper

Sharon Bryant

 in memory of Floyd L. Bryant


Lonty Bryant

 - in memory of Floyd L. Bryant


Butler Veterinary Clinic


Robert W. and Joanne Campbell


Robert W. and Joanne Campbell

 - in memory of Gretchen



City of Valentine


Lynn and Helen Colburn


Dale and Viola Coleman


Dr. Joyce Carr Colvin


Gertrude Connot and Families 

 - in memory of Leo Connot


Alexander B. Cox


Dwight and Helen Dam


Danielski Harvesting & Farming


Jon and Marian Davenport


Cort and Julie Dewing

Ralph Eatinger

Gary Garvin


Roger and Patty Gillespie


Duane Gudgel and Darlene Meyer


Robert and Mary Kay Gustafson


John and Shiloh Hanzlicek


Henderson's IGA


Jerry D. and Mary Henderson


Tom and Janet Howell


Dr. Dick J. and Kim Jeffers


Kevin and Michele Johnson

 - Art Cottage, Inc

 - in memory of Claris H.



Kevin and Linda Keech


Duane and Danita Kime


Clifford D. and Beverly Kockrow


Jim and Ginny Lee


M. Victoria Letourneau


Roger M. Little


Jim McCollister


Mary Anne McCollister


Kathryn M. Medlock


Howard and Sally Miller

Tim and Laura Murphy

Monty and Deb Neiffer


Orville and Pat Neujhar


Tim and Lila O'Keefe


Herbert A. Pabst

 - in memory of Darlene Pabst


Neale and Mary Ann Perrett


Donald C. and Marilyn Peterson


Richard Reese Reese, Inc.

 - Clifford and Joanne Reese

    and Chester

Cal and Brenda Robinson

Phyllis H. Rothleutner

Sandoz Chapel of the Pines


Raymond and Ruth Schaefer


Martina L. Schroeder


Eric A. and Deanna Scott


Scotty's Ranchland Foods


Kirk and Deb Sharp

 - in memory of Melvin and

   Sheryl Jelkin


Ross and Mary Sue Shoemaker

 - in Memory of Donald and

   Lola Held


Rex and Gale Simmons

State Farm Insurance


W. Robert and Delia Stetter

Eric and Tanya Storer


Tehrani Motor Company

Dick and Janice Tetherow


Cleve Trimble, M.D.


Union Bank and Trust Co.


Valentine Midland News


Andrew J. Ward


James and Susan Ward


Carl and Kay Wells


Mary Alice Williams


Mary Alice Williams

 - in Memory of Erba and

   Muriel McMurtrey


Cork and Mary Young

 - in memory of Monica Engel


Cork and Mary Youn

 - in memory of Joseph and

   Mary Engel


Cork and Mary Young

 - in memory of Curt and

   Esther Young


The Young Family

 - in memory of Joe and

   Grace Waln


The Young Family

 - in memory of William E. Weller

Mark Young


Michael and Sheila Young

Foundation Members

Don and Mary Beth Abraham

Donald E. and Lois M. Adams
 - in Honor of Ashley and Kyle Milton

Todd and Stacey Adamson

Olga Anderson

Kurt and Danielle Arganbright

Jerry and Judy Arnold

BW Insurance Agency

Dr. Cal and Sharon Bancroft

Ronald and Marsha Bauer

Bruce and Ros Beebout

Johnny and Jamie Beel

Dr. Morris Charles Benson

Orville and Joan P. Beyea

David and Donna Billings

Ron and Sandra Billings

Brawner Ranch Co.

 - Anita Brawner

Rob A. and Brenda Brawner

Rita A. Bridge

Gus and Sarah Brown

Patty Brown

Steve K. and Sharon K. Brown

Michael C. and Kimberly H. Burge

Kerry and Tara Bryant

Stanley D. and Carol Cady

Robert W. and Jeanne Campbell,
 - in memory of Wakyn and

   Fuddy Ferris

Cedar Canyon Steakhouse, Inc.

Cherry Hills Estates, LLC

Cherry County Historical Society

Cherry Co. Veterinary Clinic

Dean and Cathie Churchill

Gary and Debra Coleman

Linda Connot and Families,
in memory of Gary Connot

Corner Market

James F. and Virginia Cozad

Michael and Reba Crisman

McKeil, Madeleine, Monnie Michalek, Davis and Harper Davenport

Martin K. and Bree A. Denaeyer

Tod and Christina Davenport

Chris Douglas

Roger W. and Arlene Dunn

Jerry and Carol Earll

Byron and Mary Eatinger

John E. Farner, M.D.


Adam and Tisha Fischer


Bruce and Deb Fischer


JB and Sherry Fischer


Will and Gina Fischer


Martha J. Foster


Charles and Ellen Froning


Greg and Tamara Gass


Bob and Janet Grabher


John Neil and Marilyn Graham


Kelly and Linda Grimshaw


Harvey F. Gunnick


Justin and Kathy Hammond


John S. and JoAnn K. Harms


Wayne and Sherry Harris


Heart City Radio


Bill Heelan


Lee and Jean Hulm


Robert Hilske


Holmes Funeral Home


Willard Hollopeter & Mary Mulligan


Glen E. and Darlene Huddle


Kayla Hunt


Stephen and Jamie Isom


Richard and Deborah Jeffers


Bruce and Sharla Johnson


Lewis and Joan Johnson


Marty and Angie Jordan


Mike Jordan


Ann A. Keech


Michael and Donna Keenan


Jason and Renee Kelber


Robert and Evelyn Kilmer

 - in memory of Travis Kilmer


Keith and Audrey Kreycik


Clifford D. and Beverly Kockrow


Rich and Betsi Lampton


Lyle E. and Sharon K. Larson


Timothy and Connie Larson


Larsen Veterinary Services

 - Scott and Kris Larsen


Merrill E. and Vera U. Lee


James Robert "Rob" Lee


Mark and Rachel Lindvall


Bill Longcor


Aubrey and Dorothy Lord


Todd and Lisa Mathis

Dr. Chet and Pam McCormick

 - in memory of Megan       

   McCormick Wilcox


Howard and Edith McCormick


Ronald F. and Naomi J. McCoy


Beverlee McPeak


Casey and Kathleen McPeak


Joanne Medlock


Ronald and Loretta Melcher


Ron Mercure - in Memory

   of Darwin "Red" and Lenus



Michael R. and Darcy Michalek


Mid-Plains Community College

   Valentine Extended Campus


Craig and Joy Miles


Gayle and Marg Miller


Philip W. and Patricia S. Miller


Toby and Martha Miller


Russell and Mardi Milton


Robert J. Moreland


Stephen and Carol Moreland


Joe and Donnie Mundorf


David and Joanne Nelsen


Donald E. and Virginia Nelsen


Gregory and Cynthia Nollette


Timothy J. and Theresa Nollette


Craig D. and Tracy Ohlmann


Craig and Katie O'Kief


Danny O'Kief


Gerald and Sharon O'Kief


Loralyn O'Kief


Rev. Timothy and Laurie Oleksy


Brian and Lisa O'Rouke-Fulton


Kent Osnes DBA Kent's

   Detailing- Kent &Tina Osnes


Dr. Joel K. and Rhonda Owen


Dwain L. and Jill Owens


Robert and Janet Parkhurst


Jerry and Arlene Parks


Gregg and Solveig Perrett


Brent and Paige Peterson


Michael and Tammy Peterson


Peterson Law Office


Don L. and Pat Pettigrew


John and Becky Pettigrew


Peter W. Pier


Wayne and Norma Porath


Bill and DeDe Peterson

Danny and Darlene Publow


Ronald & Judy Qualley


Bill and Anne Quigley


Jackie L. Ravenscroft


John and Cheryl Ravenscroft


Mark and Kristy Reimers


David and Kathryn Renning


Jerry L. Reynoldson


Jerry and Connie Rhoades


Mike and Kris Rhodes


Dave and Teri Rodgers


Paula Rodgers


Todd and Bonnie Rothleutner


Sandhills Cattle Association


Sandhills Distributing, Inc.


Sandhills State Bank


Kent Sandoz


Matt and Ashley Sandoz


Shari Sandoz


Riley and Tammy Sargent


Jeff and Erin Sayer


Richard and Lois Schneider


Stuart and Margaret Schneider


Allen and Kay Sedivy


Carl and Victoria L. Simmons


Dr. Joyce D. Simmons


Lee M. Simmons


Jeff and Jorja Spain


Byron and Jean Stolzenberg


Randy and Beth Stoner


William and June Stroup


Glee Swanson


The Peppermill &

   EK Valentine Lounge


Tony's Tire and Auto Repair, LLC


Lawrence and Sue Turner


Valentine Livestock Auction


Valentine Public Library


Ron and Bobbi Vanneman


Jim and Myki VanWinkle


Ward Plumbing and Heating


Gary and Pamela Weaver


Rick and Missy Weber 


Dan and Barbara Welch


Wells Fargo Bank NE. N.A.


Alison Willhoite


John and Cindy Wobig


XI Betta Omega Sorority

Other Monetary Gifts

Dr. Jim and Karen Butler, in honor of Frank Sibert's Birthday 

Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Spencer, in honor of Ruth Barnes

2009 SAF Board of Directors, in honor of President, Suzy Beel's tenure

2011 SAF Board of Directors, in honor of President, Monty Neiffer's tenure 
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